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Recent Posts in ‘UPCOMING on LA TALK RADIO’

Chris Efissiou

UPCOMING APRIL 2014 “CDO Chief Daddy Officer” | Chris Chasse

April 28, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Chris shares his journey of parenthood in his book CDO Chief Daddy Officer. This amazing and touching story of the love a father has for his daughter and how when faced with the opportunity to raise her as a single parent he discovers the keys he used in business where the ones needed to create a strong positive parenting relationship.

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Katie O'Brien and HunterMaatsSM

UPCOMING MAY 2014 “The Straight A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School” | Hunter Maats and Katie O’Brie

May 5, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: A number of ‘popular’ books address what is wrong with the educational system, but there has not been a book, until now, written directly to and for the student. The Straight A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School, addresses the truth about what would really make a difference.

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Dr Reggie Melrose

UPCOMING MAY 2014 “Live in the Classroom – THE 60 SECONDS FIX in Action” | Dr. Reggie Melrose

AIRED: May 12, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Dr. Reggie Melrose, Allen Cardoza and a classroom of students, will experience firsthand the power of the Dr. Melrose’s new book, “The 60 Seconds Fix”.

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Pamela Koefoed

UPCOMING MAY 2014 “Ending Child Abuse – JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness” | Pamela Koefoed

May 19, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: JoyRide: Life, Death and Forgiveness is the life story of Pamela Koefoed and her sister, two gutsy little girls who drew on the love they have for each other, hold onto faith, and rise above the unthinkable horrors of child abuse to show us all the way to a richer and more meaningful life.

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James Levine

UPCOMING MAY 2014 “Smoking Cessation: The Source – E-Cigs are a Real Danger, especially for young people” | Dr. Jason Levine

May 26 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Dr. Jason Levine sees young people who are using e-cigarettes becoming addicted to nicotine – exactly what they are purported to prevent. That is a real danger. In addition, it is being glamorized under the guise of being relatively harmless, when in fact the jury is still out as to how safe it actually might be.

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George Kimeldorf

UPCOMING JUNE 2014 “How to Discover Everyday Happiness: A Guide That Shows Happiness is a Skill You Can Learn, Practice and Master” | George Kimeldorf, Ph.D.

LIVE: June 2, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Dr. George Kimeldorf shares with our audience his personal story of finding happiness, and how others can do the same. In his new book, FROM SEEKER TO FINDER: Discovering Everyday Happiness he reveals that it is not a mystical power – happiness is an ordinary skill you can learn.

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Kat Duff

UPCOMING JUNE 2014 “The Secret Life of Sleep: Why is Sleep as Important for Our Bodies and Minds as Being Awake? ” | Kat Duff

LIVE: June 9, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Sleep. Few of us get enough of it. Most of us crave more. None of us, until now, knew it had a secret life. The Secret Life of Sleep, by family therapist, Kat Duff, explores what happens between the time we close our eyes in bed at night and the moment we wake up in the morning.

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Master Sha

UPCOMING JUNE 2014 “Ancient and Powerful Methods For Relieving Stress and Boosting Natural Healing” | Master Sha

LIVE: June 16, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Countless people are suffering from stress that they cannot overcome, and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s new book SOUL HEALING MIRACLES shares incredible techniques that can help solve our physical and mental problems. Sha has the wisdom, experience, and knowledge we need to take charge of ourselves, and by using the techniques in his new book we can enjoy lifelong healing and wellness.

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UPCOMING JULY 2014 “Safely Ever After: Safe-Smart Rules that Empower Kids and their Families Against Child Predators | Pattie Fitzgerald

LIVE: July 7, 2014 – 11:00 am PST :: Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After, provides up-to-date information and prevention education programs to help empower families against child predators. Children learn some vital skills and strategies so they can recognize a potentially threatening situation, and teens focus on how to define and trust their instincts and make safe choices as they gain more independence.

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Teardrop Tree

In a time of Loss and Grief “The Teardrop Tree” Brings Healing

Inspired by Logan’s personal and professional life helping loved ones and clients dealing with loss, and the resulting grief that can become all consuming, The Teardrop Tree is one of the most worthwhile efforts I have had the great pleasure to participate in.

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