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Recent Posts in ‘UPCOMING on LA TALK RADIO’

Peter Schwartz

Upcoming August 2015 | “In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive” | Peter Schwartz

LIVE: August 3, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: From childhood, we’re taught one central, non-controversial idea about morality: self-sacrifice is a virtue. It is universally accepted that serving the needs of others, rather than our own, is the essence of morality. To be ethical–it is believed–is to be altruistic. Peter Schwartz questions this belief.

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Kristy Woodson Harvey, Dear Caroline

Upcoming August 2015 | “Adoption, the Most Difficult Decision Two Mothers Could Ever Make” | Kristy Woodson Harvey

LIVE: August 10, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: In a moving tale of two mothers — one biological and one adoptive, Dear Caroline brings insight into the most difficult decision mothers on both sides of the equation will ever make. Weaving together three lives this story proves that life circumstances shape us but don’t define us—and that families aren’t born, they’re made.

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Keiko Hoshino

Upcoming August 2015 | “Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer: Awaken to the Power of Healing Within You” | Rev. Keiko Hoshino

LIVE: August 17, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: Is cancer is curable! Can It be conquered! Rev. Keiko Hoshino will give you tips on cancer remedies and knowledge that goes beyond the common sense in the field of medicinal science. There are three easy steps that will guide you to prevent or overcome cancer.

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Keith Dorscht

Upcoming August 2015 | “A Gift from Parents to Their Teen, You are Unique! ” | Keith Dorscht

LIVE: August 24, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: Do you want your teen to follow others or be themselves? Keith Dorscht discusses techniques that parents can use with their teens which will allow them to consider, discover and refine their unique traits and talents.

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Lisa Garr

Upcoming August 2015 | “Becoming Aware – How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life” | Lisa Garr

LIVE: August 31, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: In her never-before-revealed story, discover the life changing events that led Lisa Garr to recapture her mental, physical and spiritual health after debilitating traumatic brain injury.

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Lee McCormick

Upcoming September 2015 | “Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag – The Journey from Addiction to Truth, Authenticity and Purpose” | Lee McCormick

LIVE: September 7, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: Join us as Lee McCormick, co-author of “Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag” describes his amazing journey and the transformational tools that allow him to find his way back to personal truth, authenticity and purpose.

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Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker

Upcoming September 2015 | “Gifts of Gratitude, The Joyful Adventure of a Life Well Lived” | Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker

LIVE: September 14, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: Elizabeth Baker celebrates life: yours and hers, with this collection of deeply stirring stories. Within the covers of Gifts of Gratitude – The Joyful Adventures of a Life Well Lived, She narrates a series of inspiring experiences in turns both purposeful and ungoverned. At times tender and dramatic, always moving, outside the box, in search of veracity.

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Troy Xavier Leonard

Upcoming September 2015 | “Social and Restorative Justice: CASP Conference October, 15-17, 2015″ | Troy Xavier Leonard

LIVE: September 21, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: At CASP’s upcoming 66th annual convention, to be held in Riverside, CA on October 15-17, attendees and presenters will explore the current research and practical interventions surrounding the use of restorative practices, as well as the associated resources and strategies for overcoming common obstacles in bringing restorative justice to a school site.

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Margaret Grundstein

Upcoming October 2015 | “Naked in the Woods – A Story from the Past … Slowly Reappearing in Grassroots America Today!” | Margaret Grundstein

RESCHEDULED LIVE: October 15, 2015 – 11:00 am PST :: “Naked in the Woods,” is the story of those compelling, iconoclastic, life-changing days — my memoir — illustrated with photographs I took at the time. It chronicles my shift from reluctant hippie to committed utopian, against the story of our loss of innocence.

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Teardrop Tree

In a time of Loss and Grief “The Teardrop Tree” Brings Healing

Inspired by Logan’s personal and professional life helping loved ones and clients dealing with loss, and the resulting grief that can become all consuming, The Teardrop Tree is one of the most worthwhile efforts I have had the great pleasure to participate in.

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